Legacy Of Love


As a warm color, red represents passion, love and power. The color red provides an attention grabbing effect and combined with black and silver, it creates a confident, passionate mood for your wedding. This is a dramatic and daring color scheme, but in the right hands it can be simply stunning, especially for Winter Weddings. The reception area was all covered in black, with a huge white voile luminare like, hanging down from the ceiling stunning the guests when they first entered. High cocktail tables with red flower arrangements were spread around the area. As for the side leading to the ballroom, the walls were decorated with huge red roses and silver chandeliers giving the guest a hint of what awaits them whenthey enter the ballroom. Inside was a huge black staircase with decorations of red roses on the sides awaiting the entrance of the bride and groom. The huge Led screens covered the walls showing different animation moods that created a fantasy world.